Higain 15

A complementary cattle/sheep feedstuff for high productivity. For ad-lib or restricted feeding where adequate fibre is provided

This is a high energy, high starch blend for feeding in a wide range of conditions when a good supply of long fibre is available. Can be fed ad-lib or on a restricted basis to any stock where good liveweight gains are required.

The high starch content is ideal for balancing low-energy silage. The free-flowing nature of the mix makes it suitable for ad-lib hopper systems.


Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein 15%

Crude Oils & Fats 2.8%

Crude Fibre 10.0%

Crude Ash 6.5%

Moisture 16.0%

Phosphorous 0.06%

Calcium 0.8%

Sodium 0.6%

Magnesium 0.7%