Fast Lamb Oat 14

This is a complementary, very palatable high energy feed for finishing lambs using quality whole oats as a prime source of energy together with a blend of 4 protein sources with wheat and barley.

Fast Lamb Oat 14 can be fed on an ad-lib or restricted basis for finishing lambs. This high energy feed contains whole oats, and a blend of good quality proteins. Fully balanced with vitamins and minerals, this free-flowing mix results in superb performance. Can be fed in bulk hoppers.


Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein 14%

Crude Oils & Fats 2.8%

Crude Fibre 11.0%

Crude Ash 6.0%

Moisture 16.0%

Phosphorous 0.06%

Calcium 0.8%

Sodium 0.6%

Magnesium 0.7%