Beef Quips


  • The latest consumption figures show us that 30% of UK households are now eating steak every 10 days and going up. This is double the comparable figures last year.
  • The latest statistics show that major supermarkets have reduced their overall prices by £800 million during last year, most of this was in red meat sales. The discount supermarkets are leading the way with excellent offers on meat, for example 21 day matured 8 oz steaks would roughly cost £3.09.
  • IE  “Mrs Jones” can go along with her trolley and pick out a steak for only slightly more than the price of mince, leaving her with a high quality meal for roughly the same cost.
  • Since the New Year cattle lorries up and down the country have been parked on the loading bays in cattle markets ready to be loaded with clean and fit cattle ready to go to the abattoirs.
  • This denotes a very tight cattle supply with increased demand by the public for quality meat at a competitive price.
  • The weakness of the Pound against the Euro continues to block cheap Irish meat being imported to the UK.
  • BUT we must be efficient in our production to take advantage of this.
  • Berrystock Beef feeds are as competitive and cost effective as any product on the market today

Have we got the confidence to produce into this market?