• The number of cattle slaughtered in the UK has fell by 2% to 1.92 million, while the sales volume has increased by 6.7% in a 3-month period (October, November and December).
  • The value of beef is up 2.6% due to fierce competition from discount supermarkets and is making beef affordable (8oz sirloin steaks £3.09 which is high quality)
  • Overall, we are seeing lighter weight cattle going to abattoirs. Steers are coming in at 7% lighter, Heifers are 5% lighter, Young bulls are 7% lighter and cows are 12% lighter on average.
  • There is much discussion on export tariffs to do with Brexit. But whilst demand is good and increasing and production is low and the UK is only 73% self-sufficient in beef, do we need to worry that much? We have a massive home market to satisfy first.
  • But we must be efficient in our production to take advantage of this.
  • Berrystock Beef feeds are as competitive and cost effective as any product on the market today

Have we got the confidence to produce into this market?